Fendi Dining Room

Bring the excellence of Valentino into your home, with the combination of the marble and silver metal and with elliptical structure. 

Table: Marble - Stainless Silver Metal
Console: Lacquer - Natural Mirror
Mirror: Lacquer - Natural Mirror
Chair: Fabric Upholstery - Stainless Silver Metal

23.166,00 ₺

Üretici Firma Bormo Luxury

Fendi Yemek Grubu-2
Fendi Dining Room
23.166,00 ₺

fendi masa
Fendi Table
5.346,00 ₺

fendi sandalye
Fendi Chair
1.188,00 ₺

Fendi Yemek Grubu-3
Fendi Console
7.128,00 ₺

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