Delivery and Returns

Delivery Of Order To Cargo

We prepare every order as soon as possible and bring it home safely.

We deliver the products in your order according to the types of operations mentioned in our product detail page. The type of delivery depends on the product you receive. Delivery details indicate whether the product will be shipped or shipped. On the product page, we write ‘shipping’ for the products shipped by shipping, ‘shipping' for the products shipped by cargo.

Cargo deliveries;

When your products to be sent by cargo are delivered to cargo, the relevant cargo company and cargo tracking number are shared with you via SMS and e-mail.
Packages with a volume of 30 desi and above are delivered at the door of the building.
You should check the product at the time of delivery and if there is a problem with the cargo, do not accept the product and file a report with the shipping company official.
The delivery address is the address you provided at the time of the order. Address changes can be made without shipping the product.
At points far from the village, town or city center where cargoes cannot deliver, your cargoes are brought to the nearest central branch and you are informed to take delivery from here. You will need to take delivery of the cargo within the specified time period.
Deliveries by Transport

When shipping products are ready for shipment, we contact you via SMS or call to determine the appropriate week for delivery. The final delivery date is scheduled from the 7-day interval of your choice to a day determined by Bormo luxury.
You will be contacted by SMS or call 1-3 days before the scheduled delivery date and your confirmation will be received. Because delivery plans are automatically prepared by the system, no changes are made except in special circumstances.
The delivery day is called and the information is given during the day before the delivery.
If there is a special situation or if no one is present at the specified address and the delivery cannot be carried out, 2. delivery is rescheduled for at least 14 days later and we can charge extra shipping for the new shipping organization.
For shipping deliveries containing the installation, the installation is done on the same day as the delivery. Setup is not set for a different day.
If a problem is detected during delivery, the problem must be stated by you on the delivery form provided by the delivery team.
The delivery address is the address you provided at the time of the order. Address changes can be made without shipping the product.
If there is no freight elevator in the building and the product does not fit into the building, if the elevator must be kept, the responsibility belongs to our customer.

Product Return
Standard products;

You can return your product without any justification within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of delivery. You can submit this request by filling out a form before it expires.
After the 14-day withdrawal period is over from the date of delivery, arbitrary returns cannot be received on standard products.

Customized products;
The right to withdraw cannot be exercised, but:
For the customized products where the right of withdrawal cannot be used, we have the right to receive a refund by deducting 30% customization/disassembly of the customized products from the price of the product in order not to refuse the refund request of our customers, to accept it entirely at the initiative of Bormo. This claim is valid for 14 days after the date of delivery.

In the case of return requests for products, the shipping products will be refunded by our own delivery team, and in the case of delivery of the products by cargo, product returns should be made by our customer by cargo. If necessary, disassembly and packaging of the product to be sent by cargo belongs to our customer. Even if delivery of goods with cargo type of delivery is done by shipping, refund must be made by our customer with cargo.

No return and change is made in Outlet and display products.